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​Welcome to the website of Jack Oakman, 3D & 2D Artist, Writer and all-round creative person.


where all old work goes to die....

I've been working in the creative industries for nearly 18 years now. Over that time I've done a lot of practising, and worked on a lot of pieces that are hard to categorise. I include some of that work here, stuff that I certainly wouldn't call representative of my abilities today (some which even makes me cringe a little). Nevertheless some are interesting, and most not entirely without artistic merit. If nothing else, it's always good to be reminded how far one has come, and how far one still has to go. I hope any budding professionals will take heart from these works and see that we all start somewhere. My advice: keep everything you do so you have a record of that progress.

The Silence

Back in 2009, they had a competition over at ZBrush Central to create our own Action Hero. Mine was The Silence, a highwayman doomed to live forever until he had atoned for every one of his sins. Again, this is pretty early on in my ZBrush sculpting career, and you can see I hadn't really learned to control the underlying forms as a sculptor does. In essence, this piece is more of a drawing than a sculpture. I still quite like the result, and wonder how different it would have been had features like Dynamesh been available at the time.... In the end it was picked to be displayed alongside some of the other entries at the Gnomon Gallery.

Learning ZBrush

ZBrush remains my favourite piece of software, but for anyone of classic 3D background, the learning curve was steep. The beauty of it, however, was the ability to scribble and discard. In most cases, forum interaction through places like Threedy and Games Artisans were the best places, and during my 7 year tenure as a Moderator Admin at 3DTotal, I used to run a sculpting challenge with some buddies there. The idea was to sculpt fast in a limited time, and this ensured that more people joined in the fun. Below you can see a mix of sketch pieces I did once upon a time, just for the fun of it... <Organised roughly in chronological order>.

Here's where I first grabbed hold of ZBrush for the first time and started experimenting with it. Apparently I did so with only my thumbs, however. :p. I remember this task being a really toughy, since I lost an entire week to my then 7-month-old daughter falling ill with the Norovirus. As a result, I had to rush a lot of details, notably the ghost and throne, and it never really came out the way I wanted. Even so, there is still something I like about this piece. I've left in a bit of Work in Progress, in case it helps anyone.

Assorted Screenshots

Now we're really going back a ways...Here's a selection of miscellaneous experiments, and some unreleased bits from my time at Hothouse Creations. I don't draw much these days since I prefer 3D, but I owe a lot of my current style to my time in the early 2k's experimenting with Photoshop and colouring my own sketches. That process, in turn, I owed to my younger self painting lead miniatures. Funny how these seemingly innocuous escapades lead to bigger and better things...