Jack Oakman

Artist & Writer

​Welcome to the website of Jack Oakman, 3D & 2D Artist, Writer and all-round creative person.

Hey, do you remember the 2003 PS2 game based on the hit TV shows American Idol and Pop Idol?


Not many people do to be honest, but we all have to start somewhere. I'd worked in web and graphics until this point, and at Hothouse Creations I finally broke into the games industry. Exciting times. My first task? Create a representation of the infamous Simon Cowell...

That was one of the <Insert adjective> performances I have ever heard...

I mostly worked on character stuff during this period. This is a selection of some of that work. I'm still actually pretty chuffed that someone as critical as Simon Cowell should sign off on his likeness after the first submission -- he even liked the high waistband I gave him. Got admit, it certainly does capture him.

Interface for Pop/American Idol 2 and R&D

The first game didn't go over brilliantly, mostly because it played like a pig. Neverthless we began to do a bit of R&D on the second iteration, which would have used a microphone input - as indeed, the first one really should have.