Jack Oakman

Artist & Writer

​Welcome to the website of Jack Oakman, 3D & 2D Artist, Writer and all-round creative person.

For the second incarnation of APB, the title was picked up by GamersFirst and relaunched on a free-to-play model. A massively reduced development team meant we had to adapt to a variety of new roles. I was recruited to run the Art and Creative Design effort and so worked in many areas of development, from art direction, character and weapon creation; to branding and marketing; to story development and voice-over production. It was a challenging, but ultimately rewarding time. Below, you will see a collection of images that represent some of the work I did during my time at Reloaded Productions.


After the collapse of Realtime Worlds, and the subsequent relaunch, we knew we had our work cut out for our small team. Core features would require a great deal of man-power to implement, but we needed to make sure that a steady stream of content was released in the meantime. The best way to achieve this was by introducing new 'specialist' contacts to the existing organisations. Through these new upgrades and new content could be funnelled as it became available. Thus the 'New Breed' of contacts came to be: vessels by which the team's ongoing efforts could be delivered to the player base...

Weapon Skins

We became experts at picking low-hanging fruit. We had always wanted to create a form of weapon customisation, but the difficulty of having 80-100 customised players running around in the game at once meant that resources we already stretched. I therefore resolved to create a system with a low resource footprint, and built the weapon skins using material instances. This greatly increased the scope of what was possible with our weapons, and was far more in keeping with the game's customisation roots.

NEW WeaponS

Since I had also run the prop and weapon creation efforts for the original APB, the new weapons initially fell to me to create also. Budgets in APB are very aggressive due to the high player concentration, so producing anything of an appropriate quality can be a real challenge.


One of my favourite tasks with each 'New Breed' release was creating the accompanying wallpapers that we would provide alongside the upcoming patch announcement. It's always nice to give the Graphics Design brain a workout. :)

'The 4th C' Dossier...

I'd almost forgotten this document existed. And since I've no better place to put it, I'll put it here. Back in the last days of APB and Realtime Worlds, the team was asked to come up with ideas to improve the game. My interest was in pursuing collectable activities and utilising some of the assets we that were going unused (notably the lovely Asylum level). Here is the dossier I provided, and have kept under wraps until now, since some aspects of these ideas/characters would later be implemented in APB:Reloaded and I didn't want to spoil the fun. This dossier should be considered dead now, not a foreshadowing of features to come...