Jack Oakman

Artist & Writer

​Welcome to the website of Jack Oakman, 3D & 2D Artist, Writer and all-round creative person.

Presets and Customs

Having completed the necessary props and weapons quota for All Points Bulletin, what was needed was someone to bring together all of the sterling work done by the various teams creating the incredible customisation suite. In-game contacts were a large part of this; so, too, was the content that those characters would reward as a part of player progression. What you see here are the customs I produced during that time. I include as many here as possible to act as an archive for budding customisation experts still playing APB to this day. :)

Vehicle Presets

In fact, many of the presets below are from APB:Reloaded. The Vehicle team customised most of the original progression presets, though some of these were present then, too. During the reboot we were able to build upon the already impressive vehicle studio and added all kinds of kit parts to improve the scope available to players. Some were included in the 'New Breed' releases as signature vehicles. Others were made available in the Armas store to enable new players a cost-effective short-cut to the higher tier vehicles. For these, I created the Ophelia Customs Range. An official brand which players would be able to recognise around the virtual streets of San Paro.

Preset Clothing Outfits

Having created the various faction contacts, it remained to create the outfits that they would reward players through progression. What was required, then, was a sequence of outfits which would, by their very appearance demonstrate the player's experience in-game. Though each of the organisations maintained a unique style, I found that the consistent need was accessorisation. The more accessories a player had, the more their silhouette was altered. Again, consistency and restraint with regards to colour pallet were of paramount importance here since any of these items could be combined with any others in countless configurations.

Preset Symbols

Without doubt, the most time-consuming aspect of customisation is creating the symbols needed to project on clothing. Thankfully I was able to work with some exceptionally talented 2d artists, (Jade Law, Tom Stockwell, Jon Stockwell, and Martyn Driscoll, to name but a few) in order to build a library of symbols to pillage. Can't remember who did what during that creation binge -- can't remember which ones I did! Nevertheless, I include them here as useful reference to the APB fan base.

Miscellaneous Customs

We were always demoing to potential investors, magazines, and so on. Every now and then I also liked to push the limits of the system, or build startling likenesses. Below is a miscellany of random deviations...