Jack Oakman

Artist & Writer

​Welcome to the website of Jack Oakman, 3D & 2D Artist, Writer and all-round creative person.

Way back in about 2005, I began creating a pin-up character on the 3DTotal forums, working title Eva. The project was intended to explore several artistic areas at once, namely, anatomy, stylisation and topology (the even distribution of geometry across a 3d object). The thread garnered 170,000+ views and 3DTotal asked if I would produce a tutorial on how I built the character.

As a budding 3D modeller, I struggled to find tutorials that where comprehensive (these were the days before youtube was the done thing). Folk would usually brush over much of the detail they wanted to convey, thus leaving the non-indoctrinated lost in a sea of technical talk.

The Original

The original thread contained the first of these images, where the project really came together. We can also see the final, rigged version of the character and her wireframe, as well as her personality tests in the final shader renders.

Eva Wild Series Part 1: Modelling

I created part 1 of this three part series, working on the modelling process specifically, and went from the absolute basics up to completion of the model. 14 hours of content in all, and the first half of this, I screen captured and annotated in order to allow the beginner to work at their own time. Videos are really hard to follow when you are working in an unfamiliar interface. Therefore the project became a bit of a "paint the fence" exercise designed to use repetition of process to school the novice up to an intermediate level of competency.

Anatomical diagrams

Although the character is highly stylised, her anatomy was based upon sound anatomical principles. To illustrate this, I also pepperd the DVD with diagrams and discussion on the underlying landscape beneath the model, -- why specific details are built the way they are. These diagrams remain useful to me to this day.


With the character and tutorial complete, I wanted to see how the process had benefited me and so built a second character (Olivia). This, I was able to do in a fraction of the time, proving that only through focused study can one hope to make successful gains in terms of skill. I also built a sequence of custom "ToonRaider" shaders and gave these away on a subsequent thread, which received 80k views.